I am NOT a douchebag

I am NOT a douchebag

Post by mykrowyr » Mon, 15 Jul 2002 20:27:01

It is true that I have posted nothing but bullshit and crap, but I am also gay and like to suck*s.

1. I am truly sorry that I am not as bright as most others...

With amiga's. everyone here seems to know a lot abot them, and I was
wondering, now that I know where to get the software, how to GET IT TO
WORK! I thought about master/slaving the two, would I use the serial port,
or the paralell? It's an amiga 500. I dont know the specs, because so far
I've just been really confused. An ibm emulator would let me put in IBM
disks, and have it be able to read them? Anyway, if I master/slave can I
transmit data freely? Would it be possible? Do I need to bo online in some
way? thanks,

2. AS400 CL for Tape Ejection

3. I am not giving up on the Amiga

4. iPentium costs per die

5. I am not here

6. activeHome/HomeDirector bad clock problem

7. OXXI did not rip me off, I am stupid!

8. A place to hang your page

9. Indy 3 (not 4). I am stuck !!!!

10. classic amiga games all originals ADVERT please do not open if your not interested

11. Not graphics, not business...what?

12. A4000/30 not discontinued (NOT)