FS: Amiga Rom Kernel Reference Manuals, complete set + SAS/C

FS: Amiga Rom Kernel Reference Manuals, complete set + SAS/C

Post by Stephen van Egmo » Sat, 18 Nov 2000 15:52:31

I have a complete set of the AmigaOS ROM Kernel Reference Manuals
available for sale.

They cover the A500 to the A3000, including the Enhanced Chip Set.

This is a five-volume set:
        Includes and Autodocs
        Reference manual
        User interface style guide

The first four are in pristine condition. My cat has been at the cover
and first few pages (copyright, blank pages, unimportant stuff) of
the Devices book.

Also for sale is a legal copy of the two-binder SAS/C development system for
the Amiga.  Version 6.50.  Includes manuals for compiler and C library.

Offers welcome. Located in Toronto, Canada.

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1. FS: *OLD* manuals, books, and magazines from 1989 - ROM Kernel Reference Manuals, etc.

Don't know what they're worth so I'll take offers on:

Lattice C++ - version 1.0!

Amiga Hardware Manual
Amiga ROM Kernel Ref. Manual:
        Includes & Autodocs
        Revised & Updated
Amiga ROM Kernel Ref. Manual:
        Libraries & Devices
        Revised & Updated

The AmigaWorld Tech Journal
        - the first year!
        - 6 issues.  I think I still have the disks.

Compute!'s Amiga Machine Language Programming Guide.

Programmer's Guide to the Amiga (Robert A. Peck)

Introduction to the Commodore Amiga 2000

Amiga System Programmer's Guide - Abacus
AmigaDOS Inside & Out - Abacus

A couple issues of Amiga Transactor.

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3. FS: Amiga Programming Books and ROM Kernel Reference Manuals

4. Sanyo WAVY PHC-70FD(2)

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