A3000 display/floppy probs.

A3000 display/floppy probs.

Post by Mike Powe » Wed, 16 Feb 1994 07:46:47

        Hi all,

        very sorry if this is been discussed before...

        I have an A3000 with what I hear may be a common problem...
        It is an 18Meg 030/25 system...  and recently it has
        been having floppy writing problems, and the display is
        going south (graphics garbage, and pointer sprite junk).

        Some programs (like FDPro 2) _really_ give it a hard time,
        and eventyally caust the screen to go blank...

        If anyone knows anything about this problem, please let me know.

        Thanks very, very much!



1. A1200 green tint and display probs


A friend has just bought a 1200 which has the following probs:

On PAL and NTSC modes, the screen is tinted green. This happens on both an
Atari monitor and a Microvitec, using different video cables. If, when using
the Microvitec, he changes to something like Super72, the green tinge goes
away. It's only on 15kHz modes.

Using the Atari monitor (model 1435 - it looks to be exactly the same as the
Philips CM8833-2, with a different case and lacking Composite input), Pal
displays fine (along with the green tinge!), but it won't display the insert
floppy screen or the Prefs overscan adjust screen. The screen just rolls like
it's trying to display AGA modes (it's only a 15kHz monitor).

Cheers for any help!

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