Marc Barrett isn't a total *loser*

Marc Barrett isn't a total *loser*

Post by David Bra » Mon, 20 Jul 1992 09:23:17

 TRK> if the death star were in a match against the enterprise, the
 TRK> Seaview (from Voyage To the Bottom of the Sea), and terminator 2, who
 TRK> would win?

     The one who owned the movie rights.

-- Via DLG Pro v0.992


1. Marc Barrett is a total *loser*

  Because it's the principle of the matter. We all expect each other to      
act accordingly and try not to overstep out bounds. Marc Barrett consistently
ignores the unwritten rules (and perhaps even written rules - netiquette) by
posting the same things again and again.                                    

UUCP: {hplabs!hp-sdd ucsd nosc}!crash!pnet01!hawk

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