Vaporware's main site.

Vaporware's main site.

Post by Roger J. Lon » Sun, 20 Apr 1997 04:00:00

Though they request that the site be used, it doesn't always
work.  Go directly to their main site at

Roger J. Long, editor for SWAMI (Amiga) and TC-Cubed (C64) clubs

Also on-line:  Commodore Products Source List


1. Main AmiNet Site Gone, Possibly For Good

It looks like the main AmiNet site is gone, perhaps for good now.
Many if not all the other US sites also appear to be gone,  and
perhaps two or three sites (uk, se, cz) in the official aminet site
list mirrored at the European site list.  It's not clear which
archives will kept when and if the drives are restored at wuarchive.
It's not looking promising here.....can we as a community do anything
about this "AmiNet rot" ?

Here is the notice from the main AmiNet site: (URL :

WUArchive has suffered a RAID failure, it's nStor controller died. The
disks may get recycled for another use.

This is what's available <>

A replacement machine has been ordered, it will be the last half of
October before it's back.

WUArchive has been around for a long time, and evolved through several
hardware configurations and owners.

It's content will be changing, some old stuff will remain, other
chunks will go. For items to remain, they will require a sponsor from
here at Washington University. A written statement of benefit maybe
required. We are leaning toward K-12 outreach, and open source mirrors

If you have ideas please contact Allen Rueter 314/935-6429 or Dr. Bill
Smart in the media and machines lab, 5-4749.

Thanks for your patience.

2004 Sep 24

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