FastLane Z3 - A4000 SCSI-II card 4sale

FastLane Z3 - A4000 SCSI-II card 4sale

Post by Christopher A. Wo » Wed, 23 Mar 1994 17:47:19


   FastLane Z3 Disk Controller/Memory Expansion card

      o  Fast SCSI-II interface card
         - transfer rates of up to 10 megabytes/sec synchronous
         - transfer rates of up to  5 megabytes/sec asynchronous
         - supports up to 7 fast or regular SCSI-II devices

      o  room for up to 256 megabytes of memory
         - accepts various configurations of industry standard
           4MB or 16MB 72 pin SIMMS

      o  for the Amiga 4000
         - Zorro III card for maximum performance
         - works with ANY A4000 Buster revision - no compatibility hassles!
         - does NOT work on most A3000s

      o  used only a few hours - absolutely perfect like-new condition
         - includes board and SCSI cable
         - includes software:
               device drivers
               DynamiCache disk-cache
               CD-ROM filesystem
         - includes manuals for hardware and software

      o  will be sold to the best reasonable offer received before 3/29/94
         - free 2nd day COD FedEx shipping within the U.S.

   Make me an offer....

                                                      - Chris