Amiga/C64 hardware,games,books

Amiga/C64 hardware,games,books

Post by Jason B Koszars » Fri, 14 Jan 1994 14:40:49

The following items are is perfect working condition.
All prices include shipping costs within N. America.

 2 A501 512k mem exp units for the A500    25$ each
                                           40$ both

 A2000 internal 880k drive,                40$
   faceplate with hinged/spring door

 A2300 Genlock, no documentation           55$

 Amiga Basic Inside & Out (Abacus Book)    15$

 Gunship, Microprose game                  10$

 Terminator II, game                       15$

 Gunship & T2 together                     20$


 Red Storm Rising, Microprose game C64     10$

 Commodore 64 Color Graphics: (book)       10$
   A Beginner's Guide

 The Anatomy of the Commodore 64           10$
   (Abacus book)

 Mapping the Commodore 64 & 64C            10$

 All 3 C64 books                           25$

Jason Koszarsky


1. WANTED: RUN's "Gold Mine" C64 game hints book

I am looking for the book "Gold Mine: Tips and Tricks for Commodore 64

It was published by the now-defunct RUN magazine and is a compilation of
various hints sent to their column of the same name.

If you have this book and are willing to part with it I will take it off
of your hands for any reasonable price.  I am also interested in any
information leading to it's "capture".

Please send me email, as I do not frequent the newsgroups I am
crossposting this too.

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