Free gift with Win'98.....WOW! Amazing!

Free gift with Win'98.....WOW! Amazing!

Post by Harold Klin » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


I just returned from the city where I have seen some posters*
in computer stores.

"Free spraycan with anti-insect if you buy Win'98 or buy a PC with Win'98

"Get rid of your 3000 bugs today" (tm)

Wow Bill! You're absolutely amazing! :-)




Free gift with Win'98.....WOW! Amazing!

Post by frostyca » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Okay, assuming they're actually gonna launch this wonder amiga in 99
which is supposed to make the iMAC look like a Lisa, who's gonna launch
it? I mean, if a team of broke computer wizards and some dentists can
get Blondie and Andy Warhol to take interest, I'm sure a multinational
company with a powerful parent company can afford to get say.... some
bloke off "Friends" or The Lighthouse family or even the Spice Girls to
launch it... Mind you, if you think about it, the way they're going, the
Spices would probably PAY to get publicity in 99. Tch.

E-Mail me with your suggestions the lot of you, and I promise I'll get
them sent straight to Darreck Lisle. Subject your E-mails "Amiga Celebs"
Anyone who suggests "Walter Koenig" or that slapper out of Babylon 5
will be hunted down and shot dead. I mean it.
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1. Win 98 Error Message: "Consider Upgrading." I'll say!

Don'tcha just love the following?


By BBC Internet correspondent Chris Nuttall

Microsoft is investigating a bug report by a British firm that Windows 98
cannot cope with the year 2000.

It also seems to have a problem with every other year as well.

Bromley Computer Services Ltd of Shropshire was testing the year 2000
compliancy of its machines running Windows 98 when it discovered a bug.

The software it was using, Prove It 2000, made by a company of the same
name, failed the operating system.

It gave the following error message:

"This computer failed this test, there is a high probability that you will
have date related problems after 1st January 2000. It is advised that you
consider upgrading this Operating System to a later version."

Full story at:

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