FA: Opus Magellan 2 and PFS

1. Trouble using PC0: (and Opus Magellan?)

Hi all,

I'm having trouble reading PC disks via PC0:

Workbench (through Opus Magellan in WB replacement mode) recognises
disk changes in PC0: but Opus will only successfully read the contents
of the first PC disk. After the first disk, it doesn't read the newly
inserted disk, it just shows you the cached list from the previous disk
and does nothing when you click on a file. Using a shell window I can
see a disk's files correctly via DIR.

Is there any way to force Opus to re-read PC disks inserted into PC0:?

Replies via e-mail where convenient, Thanks.

A1200 Tower / Blizzard 1260 + 24Mb + SCSI / Power Flyer / 3.2Gb EIDE HD
/ 32x ATAPI CD / Epson GT5500 Scanner / Opus Magellan

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