MaxTransfer, Mask ??

MaxTransfer, Mask ??

Post by George Grah » Tue, 26 Jul 1994 16:00:03

Anybody know how to write different values to the hardrive via the Z3.
There software will automatically change it to the values they use, but I
occassionally need to hook my drives to an a2091 for short periods.
Changing these values is a royal pain. You can reply via e-mail to


1. Correct MaxTransfer Masks

Can somebody recommend some MASK and MAXTRANSFER settings for
a 10meg-ram A3000/16Mhz with a 170meg SCSI Quantum ELS-170?

      MASK         MAXTRANSFER
1) "0FFF FFFE" and "7FFF FFFF"
2) "7FFF FFFE" and "00FF FFFF"

I've been using #1 on my other drives.

But I'm seeing WB2.1 Tools/HDtoolBox coming up with #2 as default for
the ELS-170.

How does one determine these values correctly to gain the most benefits?
(Without too much trial and error.)

From 1:2410/207, or call 313-473-2020, Detroit MI, 14.4K
-Bill "Mr. BBS" Beogelein, SysOp

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