Backup to an IBM tape backup

Backup to an IBM tape backup

Post by Jonathan Clugst » Fri, 01 Apr 1994 14:10:52

Quote:>I just got a tape backup system for my PC and I would like to backup my
>Amiga partitions on it through Ethernet. The problem is that the software
>given with the tape drive can only use the usual 8+3 naming convention. Is
>there a way of backing up my Amiga from the Amiga side, or is there some
>"smart" software on the PC to go over this 8+3 naming system?
>Please help
> --

Sorry, I can't resist. Isn't "smart" software on the PC an oxymoron? The
glorious 8+3-and-all-in-upper-case file naming lunacy is one of the main
reasons I despise the PC.

1. IBM Tape backup for the Amiga?

I posted earlier about a ad in CompuAdd for a tape drive for backup that plugs
into the floppy controller of an IBM-type computer?  Well I discovered a few

First, Progressive Peripherals makes a unit that plugs into the floppy connector
on an Amiga now.  It only goes up to 60 megs and is mail order price is $499.00.

Second, and along that line, it is possible to take that Compuadd unit (up to
120megs with compression and priced at $268) and create a cable to plug into
the floppy connector of the Amiga also...   My problem is I am not a Software
person and this type of hookup would need a way to send the proper commands to
the tape drive from the Amiga.   I own a Bridgeboard so I could just plug it in
to it's external drive and use Tar or something, to send my stuff on the Amiga
side over to the Bridgeboard side - and then onto the tape drive.  I'd rather
create something that is useful for all Amiga owners; Bridgeboard or not!  

Anyone tempted to write the proper code to do this?  I would make the pinout of
the tape drive to Amiga drive PD of course and would expect that a simple dump
routine would be made PD also as to let ALL Amiga'ns profit from the info.  I
could see a small shareware fee if the program is good enough...  I just hate to
pay these inflated prices for a SCSI tape backup setup, or $250 more for a unit
that does what the IBM units do!  

Anyways, enough ramble'n.  I just wanted the see if there was interest in this
sort of thing?


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