misc stuff - price reduced

misc stuff - price reduced

Post by Claude Luc » Wed, 26 Jun 1991 05:28:06

the carcass is gone so i now have the
following scraps for sale.
note reduced prices

A2088 8088 (XT) bridge
8 bit above board (true intel) w/2.0Mb  
40 Mb Plus HardCard
3.5 " (720Kb) & 5.25" (360Kb)
pre configured with Janus 2.0 software, DOS 3.3,
        Sidekick Plus, and shareware utilities installed on hardcard
pre-configured amiga side disk included for easy install
$450 /best offer

2400b Hayes SmartModem
true blue & original - power supply & doc included
$100 /best offer

Hypertek midi interface w/serial passthrough
in - out - 2 switchable out/thru
works with 500 & 2000
$50.00 or will include free to
purchaser of both Texture/Midi Quest & Music-X

software (manuals & orig. disks included)
all software is registered & upgradable

Lattice C 4.01
will include 1.2 RKM & other programming books

JForth / HMSL
leading edge forth interpreter & music extensions.

Music-X latest upgrade

Texture/Midi Quest

mindlight 7  
lots 'o gifs included

X-Specs 3D
the one & only

all in excellent functional condition
don't be shy - make an offer
will ship UPS COD or you pickup
please respond via email
or (408)427-0713

thank you very much


1. PRICES REDUCED: color Apollo, RAM, disk, motherboards, PC cards, misc

Hi.  I have the following items for sale.  Purchaser must pay shipping:

-Apollo DN3000C color
    -color monitor
    -color frame buffer 1024x800
    -86 meg disk
    -2 megs RAM
    -token ring adapter
    -serial port
    -Domain OS (includes tapes)
    -non-functional tape drive (out of alignment?)

-SunKit 1600x1280 monitor card for PC
    -AT ISA card
    -this is for a PC/AT or above
    -drives a Sun monochrome monitor in 1152x900 or 1600x1280 resolution
    -software and manual
    -connectors for Sun type 4 keyboard and mouse

-ALR 8MHz 286 motherboard
    -brand new
    -1 meg RAM

-IBM AT motherboard
    -6 MHz
    -1 meg RAM

-14 megs of 256Kx8 SIMMs

-8 1Mx9 80ns SIMMs

-1 meg (8) 1Mx1 100ns CMOS DIPs

-30 meg MFM disk

-20 meg MFM disk
    -3.5" half height
-16 bit RAM card
    -512K on it
    -space for 2 megs

-3Com PC ethernet card
    -8 bit ISA
    -thinnet and AUI connectors

-2 PC floppy/hard controller

-IDE hard/floppy controller

-AutoFAX diskette duplicator controller board
    -controls up to 4 drives

-8 5.25" half height diskette drives
    -360K (double density)

-2 3.5" half height diskette drives
    -720K (double density)

-Amiga 880K 3.5" floppy drive

-Incomm Midget 24 2400 bps modem

-Hayes Smartmodem 1200

-ethernet cabling
        -RG58 (cheapernet, thinnet)
        -'T' connectors, terminators, segments

I'm looking for the following items:
    -a power supply for a Visual X19 X terminal

Purchaser must pay shipping.

                        Thanks, Ralph

Ann Arbor, MI 48108           Home: (313) 677-3086

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