NEW MAILING-LIST: Discussion for the next AMIGA OS, AROS and p-OS

NEW MAILING-LIST: Discussion for the next AMIGA OS, AROS and p-OS

Post by Christopher Potte » Wed, 04 Dec 1996 04:00:00

o AROS is an AmigaDOS Public Domain being developed by M. Digulla and
 a team of programmers since more than a year (/dev/emu/AROSdev-1.9.lha)
 AROS runs on x86/linux, 68k and soon Alpha and Sparc with x11

o p-OS is a commercial OS (pseudo-source compatible with AmigaDOS),
 developed by ProDAD (a german company
 It is running on 68k and will run native on PPC very soon.

We could use this mailing list to:

+ monitor progress on this two OS
+ find developers for AROS (ie for new CPU...) and p-OS
+ discuss strong and weak points about these OS
+ discuss about which hardware plateform should be used for
 these OS. Do you want p-OS on PIOS PPC, p-OS on x86 PCs, or on
 the A\Box ? Do you want AROS mainly on Unix boxes ?
+ help to port/test Amiga applications to these OS.
+ ...

With in the BODY:

SUBscribe amigaos4 Your name


1. Please start a mailing list [was Re: New OS proj == new newsgroup?]

#O, MY GAWD !  It can't be Vincent Weijsters, who writes to All ?! And it's
#about Re: New OS proj == new newsgroup? too !
# >> Hmmm, something like or something like that
# >> might be a useful forum for this great inspiration...
# VW> I would be interested in such a newsgroup as well. it would clear up
# VW> some of the other areas like csa.misc
#Yes, I asked in .networking if anyone knew how to set up a new newsgroup, but
#all I've got so far is 'follow three other newsgroups to find out' :-(  Does
#anybody know how to set up a new newsgroup, or two, or three ? :-)

Obviously none of you all are news.groups or alt.config lurkers :-)

What is needed for this project right now is a mailing list, not a
newsgroup.  It will take literally months to start a comp.* group.  By that time this
project may be moot, if a white knight buys the Amiga assets.  An alt.*
group might be had in a month, _but_ they will not let you have it if
you have not set up a mailing list and shown sufficient sustained interest.
Furthermore, alt.* has inferior distribution to mailing lists and comp.*.

Therefore, start a mailing list now.  I suggest that you run it off
an Amiga , using the nice Amiga LISTSERV software.  I further suggest that
you use a RFC1153-compliant digest so that your subscribers get only one
message a day.  If the mailing list is so successful that you really need a
Usenet group, then start reading the FAQ's on how to start a Big 7
newsgroup.  Post an RFC to news.groups and other appropriate groups.
Just don't do that yet.  You will get laughed out of news.groups and
alt.config if you go for a newsgroup now.  Mailing lists are _the_ way for
a project like this, the best use of net resources and most direct
connection to interested parties.

Certainly, existing newsgroups like c.s.a.misc and c.s.a.programmers
should be used by the Project to recruit new members and to keep the rest
of us abreast of your doings, but the nuts and bolts of your communications
will be best served by a mailing list.  Good luck.  I expect to see an
announcement of your mailing list soon.


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