WANTED: Fast SCSI-II Zorro III or CyberSCSI MK II card

WANTED: Fast SCSI-II Zorro III or CyberSCSI MK II card

Post by Paul Qures » Tue, 09 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I need a fast SCSI II card for my A4000, either a Zorro III board
or a *SCSI module for the *storm MK II. UK sellers prefered,
but will consider anything.


Paul Qureshi


1. Cyberstorm MK II + Cyberscsi MK II PROBLEM !

We work with Fastlane Z3 the controller on A4000-040 and we have 2 scsi
internal disc.
At installation Cyberstorm MK II the computer loses disks (does not see).
The start of the computer from a diskette occurs normally. Autoconfig the
protocol informs
Expansion Board Diagnostics:
Manufacture                 Product                        Status
    8512                                  25                          
In the Boot-options there is only the device DF0:
On the computer is established 3.00 ROM 39.106 Version.
At return to an old configuration the serviceability of system is restored
( Processor 68040 on the A3640 board and Fastline Z3 controller).
In Boot-options there are all logic sections from our 2 disks, and in
Autoconfig-diagnostics the message on presence of products of 10 and 11
manufacturer 8512 is given out.
Whether devices aquired by us Cyberstorm MK II and Cyberscsi MK II can be
used with version 3.00 ROM 39.106?
What it is necessary to carry out for further diagnostics and finding - out
of the reason of absence of access to disks at installation Cyberstorm MK
II with the Cyberscsi MK II ?

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