FORSALE: Amiga500,2.0/1.3,IDE/SCSI controller, 9meg RAM

FORSALE: Amiga500,2.0/1.3,IDE/SCSI controller, 9meg RAM

Post by Lee Crawfo » Wed, 10 Mar 1993 04:03:33


  I'm seelling

  and Amiga 500 with switchable 2.0, 1.3 ROMS
  1 megabtye Agnus
  Commodore RGB/composite Amiga monitor
  ROCTEC IDE/SCSI (simultaneously) controller
  8 megabytes expansion
  120meg CONNOR harddrive

  Controller, Hard drive and memory only a few months old and still
 under warranty.

  I may be willing to sell the memory/controller/drive seperately

  (oh yeah, external drive too...)

Make me an oiffer, I'm thinking something like 950$.


1. AMIGA500, HD & controller, RAM forsale

I have had a few people interested inthe following, but since I haven't been
online for a while, I think I've lost touch with them.  So, once again
here we go:


                Amiga 500
                1.3 ROMS
                Fatter Agnus (allows pal mode)
                1Meg of Chip RAM
                Battery backed clock
                Hardware PAL/NTSC switch
                ROM switcher with slot for another ROM i.e. 2.x

        IVS Grandslam SCSI controller/memory expansion/extra port
                Fast controller.  (Currently it's getting transfers of over
                Room for 8 Megs of SIMMs to expand the computer's memory
                2 Megs of SIMMs included
                Extra parallel port on the controller (can be used for the
                printer if the normal parallel port is taken.)
                Latest ROMS and device drivers included
                Mounted in an external Trumpcard box.
                (This controller can be taken out of the box and directly
                plugged into an A2000)
                A2000 mounting brackets are included.
                50 Meg Quantum HD included.

        Heavy-Duty 200W power supply
                Powers the A500 and the HD controller on seperate lines.

        External 3.5'' California Access drive.

There are absolutely NO problems with this system.

I need to get this sold folks; I will seriously look at offers above $500
                               for everything.  I am also willing to sell the
                               HD and computer seperately.

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