WTB: AMIGA500 HD,RAM,Disks,External disk drives

WTB: AMIGA500 HD,RAM,Disks,External disk drives

Post by Jussi Salline » Fri, 24 Nov 2000 04:00:00

i'm looking for Amiga500 HDs... Disks, RAM's and external disk drives!!

1. Ram Disk on disk drive controller

        Sounds like an excellent project idea to me, and it may have
commercial value as well.  Such a device is limited only by the Maximum
rate of Xfer by the chip that controls disk IO.  Also notable is that as
far as I have witnessed, the Amiga is capable of accessing only one floppy
drive at a time, so your device will share access time with other floppies.
You will notice this if you try to format two or more disks at the same
        At the moment, there is little need for a fixed, volatile ram drive
on the Amiga.  Actually, there never will be such a need...  We have one.
However, the PC and Mac owners I know get cross-eyed when they see me use
my RAM as a file storage device.  They really need one.
        For the Amiga, we only have a need if the device is nonvolatile, or
usable by more than one system.  Even so, there is little demand for that.
What would be really cool, though, is a non-volatile external RAM drive,
with the storage portion removeable and replaceable while running.
        A real flash drive.  That could be used on any type device
controller, SCSI, MFM, or maybe even IDE.  It, however, will be expensive
at current market prices.  Still, there is no reason not to build it now,
especially if it downs a major project for school.

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