The Amiga and Future Filesystem/Organization (RDBMS Filesystem)

The Amiga and Future Filesystem/Organization (RDBMS Filesystem)

Post by Paul Kenneth Egell-Johnse » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I'm just browsing through the log of a conference with dr. Havemose and
read a question about the organization of the Amiga OS in the future.
(This in relation to the QNX kernal choice.)

And I thought to myself, wouldn't a relational filesystem a la BE be
good? Think about it for a moment. (Or more.) The possibilities for
organization would be very large (as opposed to the fixed type of files
and directories, especially when the same file is needed many places),
small files wouldn't eat up large blocks (take Windows and large hard
drives and the _enourmous_ block sizes).

Finding something would be easy, and adding information to a file would
be easy. And if the data is stored like blobs (binary objects) in the
DB, then a file wouldn't be lost to a program once it was moved, because
every file would have a unique ID (number).

For streaming data this wouldn't work as well, I believe, but for the
general system I think it would be a good idea.
Paul Kenneth Egell-Johnsen
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