FS or Trade: Stuff Stuff

FS or Trade: Stuff Stuff

Post by Scott Dutto » Sun, 02 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Hi folks -

     Please direct all replies to email. Thanks.

     Prices are in U.S. dollars. Prepaid money order outside of Canada, or
     COD within. Exact postage (air or surface) will be added.

     Am willing to trade for the following items that will go into my
     A2000 with a 2091 SCSI controller:

     1. an 030 accelerator (or better). sorry, no GVP (RAM too pricey).
     2. a complete 3.1 package (rom,disks,docs)
     3. a Super Denise chip
     4. a 100 meg (or larger) SCSI HD

Amiga/C64/C128 HARDWARE

     Commodore 128 with the Servant v4.84 eprom. This chip brings up an
     integrated menu system on boot up. Built in disk and file copiers
     with REU support, directory editting, monitor, load either 64 or 128,
     etc. All with single keystrokes. Compatible with any drive or
     program. Great alternative to JiffyDOS that requires no modifications
     to your hardware. Full docs on a 3.5" DD floppy (1581 style). 128 has
     its disks, p/s, and manuals. $75 firm.

     Enhancer 2000 1541-clone. Better than a 1541-II with external power
     supply, quick access, and quiet operation. Best 5.25" drive I ever
     used. Can be used as devices 8 to 11. $25.

     $3 Compute!'s More Machine Language Games for the Commodore 64

     A2286 bridgeboard and 5.25" internal drive. IBM 286 emulator. No
     disks or docs. Came with a hardware buy. Never tried it. $30.


     Battlehawks 1942. IBM-PC XT/AT version. Great gameplay on even the
     most basic of machines! $10.

     Test Pilot package. docs. C64/128. 5 disks: Tomahawk, Crazy Cars,
     Infiltrator II, ATF, Harrier. $15.

     Skyfox <-- high-tech fighter pilot game. $5.

     The World's Greatest Baseball Game <-- great sim. $5.


     Air Traffic Controller's study package from Daharsh. Study on
     simulated radar scopes in preparation for taking the ATC admissions
     test. Originally $300. Best offer takes it.

     Official 'The Prisoner' TV series fan club materials. Magazines,
     cards, books, comics, etc. Serious enquiries only. Have an itemised
     list available by email.

     Heavy Metal magazine, complete from its first issue in April 1977 to
     December 1987, plus additional issues and specials. Nearly 150 books.
     Reader's collection. $300.

     Staedtler-Mars 31" x 47" drafting table. Fully adjustable on steel
     tubing legs. Very sturdy. Easy set-up and take down. Ideal for people
     who move around. $50.

     Ronson Electric Shoe Polisher with multiple heads. Serious power.
     Quality pine carrying box doubles as a footrest while polishing. $30.


1. FS: Stuff, Stuff, Stuff and more Stuff...

Believe it or not, that was the subject of my first posting to the
Newsgroup back in March of "97" here it is September of "98" and I am
still here (although I was gone for about 5 months here recently
[March-July of "98"]) anyways...

  Just wanted to take a minute of your all's time to let you know that I
am still out here, that I am working hard on trying to not only list all
the odd's and end's that I already have around here, but to aquire new
items as well, my page's address (my Web Page that is) has changed a
bit, you can still acceess it with the old one for now, but the new one
is http://members.aye.net/~feelgood/ check it out sometime, C=64/128 and
Amiga hardware, software, and accesories, priced at or below many others
pricing in the newsgroup, so see something you need, let me know, till
then, take care, and...

                                                     Thank You: Doc!
                                                      Dr. Feelgoods
                                                     "CRAZY" C=Sales

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