2Mb Chip or 24bit board

2Mb Chip or 24bit board

Post by Keith Suderm » Sat, 10 Dec 1994 05:52:40


        I'm starting to have problems with running low on Chip ram and was wondering,  If I buy a 2mb Retina/Picasso/Spectrum etc, does the ram on the video card now become chip ram?  Or will I still need to go out any buy a 2mb Angus.
        Since I would also like to pick up a flicker fixer, I was hoping one of the 24 bit boards would be able to solve all of my problems.  Also, would a 2mb board be to restrictive?  Should I be looking for one with 4MB?  (Note: I don't do a lot of graphics intensive stuff, but I do ALOT of stuff at once).
        Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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2Mb Chip or 24bit board

Post by MCPEEPE » Sat, 24 Dec 1994 10:35:26

Friend, I can tell you only this. Don't expect your 24-bit board to act as
a flicker fixer. It will reduce the flicker on the screens the board is
operating on, but it will not for those it isn't. I have the spectrum
board and it emulates a workbench screen and everything in it.

As for the ram that comes with it (2 or 4mb), no it doesn't act like chip
ram. Just regular ram. I bought my spectrum with 2mb of ram plus installed
a 2mb mega chip. The 2mb chip ram helps develop the screens better for
graphics but not so for memory. The 2mb's in the board help it get going
compared to stripping your installed memory of 2mb's just to operate.

In essence, the old adge remains the same: The more memory the better.

Good luck in all you do!