This Old A3000 (keyboard, etc.)

This Old A3000 (keyboard, etc.)

Post by Dannyman » Thu, 16 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I have a very nice A3000 with *Vision64 video card.

It lives next to a happy FreeBSD k5/133 clone. It shares with this neighbor a
s* Sony 15" flat screen monitor.

The A3000 has a shitty shitty keyboard.

The FreeBSD clone has a s* NMB keyboard, which I love.

I wanna get a switchbox to share perhaps the monitor, the NMB keyboard, and
possibly a mouse.

I need advice though. I've heard there's an inexpensive gidget that converts
PC-style keyboard to A3000-compatable signal. My keyboard handles both the
narrow and fat connectors, with the fat connector talking to my PC.

I ordered what I thooght was such a converter from Safe Harbor, but it
doesn't work, and for $5 I'm willing to bet it was just a mini-DIN converter

So, anyone willing to offer advice, I'd like reccomendations on the

1) Where to get this A3000->PC adapter thingy

2) Reccomendations on a good place to get that thingy, as well as a good
converter box and cables

3) Reccomendations of a similar good mouse adaptor. This is optional, as the
Amiga already has the better mouse. (Does Wizard make PC mice? Is there an
Amiga mouse -> PC converter out there?)

I'm kind of tired of Safe Harbor. They're nice folk, but they do have a good
habit of messing up my orders. :(



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