amiga hard drives for good prices?

amiga hard drives for good prices?

Post by Denny Lee Atk » Wed, 24 Jun 1992 02:27:21

I'm looking at purchasing a bigger SCSI drive for my 2000. I've
outgrown my two Seagate 157N 47 meggers.

Does anyone know a place that has the Quantum 120LPS for a good price?
(Better yet, a place that has it for a good price that accepts AmEx!)

Alternatively, if you've got another suggestion for a good drive, I'm
open to it.

Thanks in advance for any tips!


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1. Bad hard drive for Mac=good hard drive for Amiga?

        I work at a Mac lab at our University.

        Anyway, I was talking to the hardware technical support guy and he said
that all of the old SONY drives that are replaced are just thrown away because
no hard drive manufacturer wants to use them.

        So, my question is (Obviously somebody is going to be visiting the
local dumpster ;-)) will a hard drive that won't work on one machine work on
another platform (I.E.  not work on Mac but work OK on Amiga?)

        If you need the specific information about what's wrong with some of
these drives I can supply you with it.  The Mac can't seem to find the
partition map on the hard drives that are bad.  So, I guess my question really
is, do different computer systems treat hard drives the same way (I.E.
partition maps in the same area, etc.)

        Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

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