Apollo 1260 SCSI

Apollo 1260 SCSI

Post by Nick Tsabazi » Fri, 20 Jun 1997 04:00:00

Hello there,
Has anyone used the SCSI option for the Apollo 1260.

I have had a shit load of problems!!!!!

Does anyone know how to format a ZIP disk with this SCSI module?
Write the RDB, etc, etc....
It works sometimes. I stress SOMETIMES!!!

Is there a proper way to do it. I have used the utilities that came with
the SCSI board, but it is quite flakey. I have in fact soldered it to
the 1260 accelerator board.

It seems to detect the Zip disk only on boot up (thats only when I have
formated the Zip disk with Phase5's Blizzard 1260).

I can't get the Apollo 1260 to detect disk change, although the Blizzard
works beautifully everytime (100%).

Any clues???



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