HELP: Legends of Kyrandia (book one)

HELP: Legends of Kyrandia (book one)

Post by Shane A. Brow » Thu, 04 Apr 1996 04:00:00

Yo All,
      Can any one help me with this game. I am stuck in the caves and cant work
out what I have to do next..

Could you please email me your reply as I dont often visit this newsgroup.

Thanx in advance...


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Has anyone ever gotten past the Labyrinth?(i'm sure there must be a few
of you out there...;) I went as far as to buy the hint guide(big
mistake), but the path that they show doesnt prevent the shadow wraiths
from killing you. Nor do the 2 billion other ones i've tried. I did all
the tricks..leaving fire berries in rooms..etc..but the path to the
Cavren of moonlingt(and the 3rd rock) is more then the fireberries seem
to be able to handle. If anyone has any ideas/suggestions/hints i'd really
appricate them,



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