FS:***MacroSystem Retina Z3 with 4MB of memory for $580.00 & $15 for S&H&I

FS:***MacroSystem Retina Z3 with 4MB of memory for $580.00 & $15 for S&H&I

Post by De Vine Computer Sale » Wed, 16 Feb 2000 04:00:00

***MacroSystem Retina Z3 with 4MB of memory for $580.00 & $15 for S&H&I

Item # 02224

    110 Mhz

    Up to 1280x1024 resolution supported in non-interlace

    Up to 16.7 Million Colors in 24 Bit, 16 Bit, and 8 Bit Display

    Paint program included

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1. FS: 4MB Retina Z3 + 4MB Static Column ZIP RAM

I have the following for up for bid (if you don't like bidding, read
extreme below):

1.  4MB Retina Z3 video board for A3000 and A4000

I bought this to replace my Spectrum board, but I had thought the Retina
would be much faster (it's not) -- so I am reselling it to by a
CyberVision.  The board is in good shape and works fine, has original
disks, box, etc. and I'll throw in my CyberShareware since I'll get a
"real" version with my CV.

I'll sell the board for the highest offer received in one week, and the
board will be shipped next Friday.  This must be within the US only, since
I am going home for summer vacation after next Friday and therefore can't
mess with prepayment, only COD (UPS/FedEx/USPS -- your choice, you pay
shipping/insurance/COD above and beyond your bid.  Minimum offer:  $225

2.  4MB Static Column ZIP RAM for the A3000

Since I just got a Warp Engine, I don't need my ZIP's anymore.  I have no
idea what these are selling for now (last I looked they were going for
$150/4MB), so I will take best offer received in a week, starting at $90.

I unfortunately don't know how fast these are; they came with my A3000T,
which I bought in May 1993, if that helps anyone.  I'll examine the chips
themselves if someone really needs to know.

Also, for those who don't like bidding, anyone who gives me $400/$150
respectively for the above gets them automatically.

|Jeff Bender, Electrical Engineering & German at Oregon State University|

|AMiGA 3000T/Warped 304O: 22MB + 1.4GB SCSI2 + CyberGraphX 4MB Retina Z3|

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