Are there any CASIO calculator emulators for the Amiga?

Are there any CASIO calculator emulators for the Amiga?

Post by Joona I Palast » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Are there any CASIO calculator emulators for the Amiga, in the AmiNet
or somewhere else? I'm mostly looking for graphical calculators, in
particular the FX-7xxxG and CFX-9xxxG serieses. Any info?


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With amiga's. everyone here seems to know a lot abot them, and I was
wondering, now that I know where to get the software, how to GET IT TO
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or the paralell? It's an amiga 500. I dont know the specs, because so far
I've just been really confused. An ibm emulator would let me put in IBM
disks, and have it be able to read them? Anyway, if I master/slave can I
transmit data freely? Would it be possible? Do I need to bo online in some
way? thanks,

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