8UP! zorro ram card

8UP! zorro ram card

Post by Bill » Fri, 16 Nov 2001 10:25:37

Microbotics 8UP! ram card.
This card is fully populated with megs of dip ram and plugs into
your A2000 A3000 etc. into the zorro slot. Comes with manual, ram test
disk and antistatic bag and box.

$10 US plus shipping


1. MicroBotics 8up! Ram Expansion Card


    Would anyone happen to have the install disk(s)/documentation for
this expansion card they could type/dms and e-mail me, please? I
recently acquired an A2000 with one of these cards installed, but it
doesn't appear to be either configured correctly, or functional (though
the card and the inside of the 2000 were in near-mint condition. I know,
cleanliness is no indicator of functionality). Any assistance would be
greatly appreciated...

   Cybertooth >< James

IRC: Cyber2th
Organization: 5 O'Clock Shadow Productions, Inc.

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