Not to mention (amigas - unoficially - soon)

Not to mention (amigas - unoficially - soon)

Post by IB » Sun, 24 Apr 2005 03:58:17

When I'm away, and on abuse, I always think of you guys, and amiga groups.

It's, it's like, well, it warms me up a bit, it freshens my blue april sky a bit, adds the neccessary torque to my car, well, it feels warm there for
a second.

Not to offend.

-- ive
Ron approved.


1. Style, but not mentioned in the Guide

        Fellow Amiga programmers,

   It is definitely a matter of style how you do your error reporting when
   a program fails. There are few questions I would like to ask from those
   who have had more experience and have done a thing of this sort.

   First, there is the matter of program start; when launched as a CLI/
   Shell process, should the error message(s) be written on the CLI/Shell
   window, or is the usage of requesters permissible? This is, of course,
   a matter of style alltogether, but I would like to have opinions on this.

        Second, when an OpenLibrary() call fails on a disk-based library, e.g.
        gadtools.library or asl.library, is it correct to
        SetIoErr(ERROR_INVALID_RESIDENT_LIBRARY), even when the libraries are
        definitely not yet resident (yes, they are, but they have been opened
        by some other program)? If not, what DOS error value should be used?

        Thirdly, should the program in question output the DOS error message
        (if any) using PrintFault() before exiting? If started from Workbench,
        should the fault be reported with a requester?

        Please do respond by mail.

        Kind regards,

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