FS: Amiga 2000 Systems, Misc Amiga Hardware

FS: Amiga 2000 Systems, Misc Amiga Hardware

Post by Brian Brenn » Mon, 08 May 1995 04:00:00

Amiga Systems

  Rev 6.2 motherboard
  (2) 3.5 DD floppies
  Version 2.04 Kickstart ROM
  1MB Chip Ram
  Keyboard, Chic Amiga Compat. Mouse
    Case has an unconnected hardware lock mounted on the left side.  Comes
    with key, incase you feel like hooking it up.

GVP 3001 Combo
  68030 50Mhz CPU/MMU
  68882 50MHZ FPU
  On-Board IDE Controller with 80MB Quantum HD
  32 Bit Ram Expansion, contains 0MB, capable of 32MB with GVP simms (below)

Asking $650 or best offer.


  Rev 4.4 motherboard
  (2) 3.5 DD Floppies
  Version 2.04 Kickstart ROM
  2MB Chip Ram (w/Super Agnus) (MegaChip Adapter)
    This adapter MUST be sold with this A2000, it required a hardware trace
    on the motherboard to be cut during installation.
  Keyboard, Original Amiga Mouse

GVP G-Force 030 Accelerator Board
  68EC030 40Mhz CPU
  68882 40Mhz FPU
  32 Bit Ram Expansion, contains 4MB, expandable to 32MB with GVP simms (below)
  On-Board SCSI Controller
    320 MB Seagate SCSI Hard Drive

Asking $725 or best offer.


(3) GVP 4MB 60ns Simms (total of 12MB) usable with either accelerator
  above.  These SIMMS will be divided up into the systems above, depending
  on who wants what in whichever system.  (I will NOT part these out
  seperately unless I have them left over AFTER the above systems are sold)

Add $200 for each simm to above systems.


Misc Amiga Hardware:

Microway FlickerFixer Deinterlacer Card
  Sits in A2000 Video Slot, produces de-interlaced RGB signal usable on any
  VGA/SVGA monitor.  Asking $100 or best offer.

Amiga RF Modulator/RCA Video Card
  Sits in A2000 Video Slot, produces coax (channel 3), RCA color video, or
  RCA chroma-luma video output.
  No docs.  Make any offer...

A2065 Ethernet Adapter
  Handles thin and thick ethernet cables, I also have a transceiver that
  gives 10-base-T (twisted pair) ability.  You have all the bases covered.
  Asking $200 or best offer.

DCTV 24-Bit Video Input/Output Device
  Plugs into any Amiga (excluding 1000), outputs 24-Bit graphics on
  standard video signal - can be used to record Amiga animations to any
  VCR.  Also slow-scan digitizes any incoming composite video source in 24
  bit color.  Asking $175 or best offer.


The following SHOULD be sold as a set, I'd consider parting it out if all
parts got offers:

A2000/A3000/A4000 IBM Emulation Kit:

Commodore 386SX-25 Bridgeboard
  1MB Onboard Ram
  4MB Static Column Zips Expansion Ram
  Cyrix 386 to 486 Processor upgrade
    Built in heat sink
    Gives 486/33 to 486/50 performance!

AT Multi I/O, FD Controller, IDE controller card
  2 Serial, 1 Parallel I/O port(s)
  Seagate 130MB IDE Hard Disk Drive
  AT 3.5" HH Internal Floppy Drive
  No docs

Sound Blaster Card (not a clone)
  Regular old 8-bit soundblaster card, works great with above bridgeboard.

Trident SVGA Video Adapter
  Capable of 1024x768, 640x480 in 64K truecolor, all common resolutions

These components add up to a 486/33 SX with 5MB Ram, 130 MB HD, 3.5" HD
Floppy Drive, Sound, SVGA Video, 2 Serial and 1 Parallel Port.  This system
runs windows perfectly, and even runs DOOM at a nice pace. (Can't quite
hack descent tho...  :P)  Runs completely transparently under AmigaOS.

Paid approximately $860 for this kit in parts.  Please make an offer.  
(I am not sure what the going rate on something like this would be.)

PS: If you are interested in this WITH the flickerfixer, ask me about my
VGA switchbox - quite handy.  14" SVGA Monitor available too.


All parts come with full documentation unless noted otherwise.
All components are in very good condition, unless noted otherwise (I pride
myself on keeping things clean.)

    "Oh my GOD!  It's a small signature!"


1. FS Amiga 2000 System & Hardware

For Sale:

Amiga 2000 HD
Rev v6.2 Motherboard
ECS Agnus (1MB Chip)
1 - 3.5" Internal Floppy Drive
1 - Wizard 3 Button Mouse
1 _ Joystick
Includes OS v3.1 Rom with Manuals And WB Disks

$250 CDN

GVP 030/6882/40 MHZ SCSI Combo Board w/8MB 32 Bit Ram - Includes Manual

$300 CDN

C= 1950 Multisync Monitor - Includes Manual, just recently spent $100 to
                            fix it.
$200 CDN

2 MB Spectrum 24/28GFX Card - Includes Manual


A2000 SupraRam Card - Populated with 6 Megabytes, can add 2 MB's more.

$75 CDN

14.4 USR Fax Modem - Working great for the last 3 years.

$50 CDN

All items are in good working condition! I am able to ship COD in Canada
but ask for %25 of the agreed price. Shipment to the U.S. requires full
prepayment, and I will ship via FEDEX, UPS or Canada Post only!!! Other
options may be available if fair, let me know.

Note: Shipping & handling is not included in above prices.


Prime Innovations
2943-116th St.
Edmonton, Alberta

Phone #: 403-430-9308
Cellular: 403-719-7534


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