OS Interleaved Display

OS Interleaved Display

Post by Neil McGi » Fri, 18 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Does anyone have ANY example code for opening an interleaved

Im currently allocating a bitmap with the BF_INTERLEAVED flag - but
not getting the correct results.



OS Interleaved Display

Post by Christopher Na » Sun, 20 Aug 1995 04:00:00

>Does anyone have ANY example code for opening an interleaved
>Im currently allocating a bitmap with the BF_INTERLEAVED flag - but
>not getting the correct results.

#define SA_Interleaved  (SA_Dummy + 0x0022)
         /* New for V39:
          * Boolean tag requesting that the bitmap
          * allocated for you be interleaved.
          * (Defaults to FALSE).

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1. Converting interleaved bitmaps to non-interleaved

  The Amiga hardware likes bitmaps interleaved, one whole bitplane at a
time.  When you need to set individual pixels, though, there seems to be a
relatively high overhead in using intearleaved bitplanes.  In an 8 bits
depth bitmap, for instance, 8 write-accesses (plus some bit manipulations)
are needed if the bitplanes are interleaved and just one if not.

  I am working on an application that needs to set individual pixels in an
image (that is not displayed), which is sometimes 24 bits in depth.  Since
IFF ILBM data is interleaved, I would have to either convert the data to
non-interleaved at load time and to interleaved at save time, or use some
highly optimized setpixel/getpixel routines (maybe converting a scanline at
a time would be helpful?).

  I would like to hear about any suggestions, either on how to convert
to/from non-interleaved or how to set pixels efficiently.  This problem has
probably appeared for some of you before, and sorry if I'm asking something
already discussed here.  Thanks for any help.


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