AREXX: can rx script have an AREXX port?

AREXX: can rx script have an AREXX port?

Post by Kari Sute » Tue, 03 Aug 1993 04:18:09

Yes, it can.  Here's a small example:

 * We need rexxsupport.library for this to work.
if ~Show('L','rexxsupport.library') then do
        if ~AddLib('rexxsupport.library',0,-30,0) then do
                say 'Cannot AddLib rexxsupport.library'
                exit 20
 * Open the port
port = 'TESTPORT'
if ~OpenPort(port) then do
        say 'Cannot OpenPort('port')!'
        exit 20
/* And wait for a QUIT message */
do until goaway
        call WaitPkt(port)
        packet = GetPkt(port)
        if packet = Null() then do
        cmd = GetArg(packet,0)
        cmd = upper(cmd)
        if cmd = 'QUIT' then
                goaway = 1
                say 'Got command: "'cmd'"'



1. can i execute a non arexx command from an arexx script?

I want to execute cli command that does not have an ARexx port
from an ARexx script.  Is there an easy way (any way) to do this?

BTW, I am using ARexx that came with AmigaDOS 2.04, and all the
documentation that I have is what came with 2.04.


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