FS: PHAT a4000 system w/emplant/nec3d/dj550c/1.5gigs

FS: PHAT a4000 system w/emplant/nec3d/dj550c/1.5gigs

Post by Nicholas Merril » Wed, 07 Dec 1994 20:58:04


For Sale:
3 Platform Workstation!! AmigaDOS - Mac Quadra 950 - 680x0 Linux

Amiga 4000-040/25 w/Motorola MC68040-25 w/FPU & MMU
18 megs RAM <16 fast **60 NS!** , 2 chip>
Emplant Deluxe Multiple Emulations hardware card-
<Emplant has 2 serial ports / internal & external SCSI>
over *1500* megs of HD space on 4 drives <14ms  <2 IDE and 2 SCSI>
NEC MultiSync 3D Monitor w/Kensington Anti-Glare Screen & C= Adapter
Hewlett Packard DeskJet 550c 300dpi CMYK True Color InkJet Printer
also software for the mac emulator to do COLOR POSTSCRIPT on the HP.
power center - switch panel / surge protector / monitor stand

*** This machine is currently configured to run Amiga and Mac OS's
concurrently! **  the mac OS runs as a *task* within the AmigaDOS
pre-emptive multi-tasking environment!

*** There is also a separate drive with a full install of 680x0 LINUX!!!
which is a FULL implementation of the UNIX Operating System.

Includes this software + much more:

** Amiga Titles: *LIGHTWAVE v3.5* <standalone + many objects>,
                 Caligari24, Art Department Pro <w/ProControl,
                 ADProTools, ImageDex and other accessories>,
                 Brilliance 2.0, Pixel3D Pro, VistaPro v3.5,
                 Amax II+ and IV Software only versions :) ,
                 CrossMac (r/w macOS floppies, HD's and CD-ROMs
                 from AmigaDOS well actually no write to CD's :)),
                 mpeg players, gl players etc etc.

** Mac Titles: Word 5.1a, PhotoShop 2.5.1, Kai's Power Tools,
               Xaos Tools Paint Alchemy, *KPT Bryce*, Fractal Design
               Painter, Painter X2, Sculpt 3D, Illustrator 5.0.1,
               Streamline 3.0, SuperPaint, Gallery Effects,
               Color It 1.0, TextureSynth, 3D Works, Adobe Dimensions,
               Infini-D 2.5.2, *PageMaker 5.0* , *Quark XPress 3.3*,
               Type Styler, Sound Edit Pro, MacroMind Director,
               CoSa After Effects, Morph, Spectre VR, Wolfenstein 3D,
               FaxSTF, Excel 4.0 plus more I can't bear to type in :)
               oh, also Freedom Of Press v4 for ** COLOR POSTSCRIPT **
               on the DeskJet 550c!!

includes boxes, manuals (amiga and MacOS), and system disks
(AmigaDOS v3.0 and MacOS v7.1)

due to the fact of the immense value of the collection of software,
I would like to ask that bids start at $4300 US dollars. when the P586
module for Emplant is released (soon!) this machine will run 4 platforms!!!
make offers via email, as a system only.. NO PARTS
USA only please..