At Last- Mindspring Takes An Action Agai

At Last- Mindspring Takes An Action Agai

Post by Randy Vi » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

a> Gentlemen, after several complains and talking with Mindspring, It seems
a> to be that we have succeeded in making them to take an action against
a> Timothy Rue's abusive and irrational behavior.

a> My apologies if this message is once again off topic, but I feel that I
a> have to let you know.

a> Enclosed is the reply to my latest complain from Mindspring.


Indeed this seems to be good news.  If nothing comes of it and Ruebot isn't
unplugged, there might be another way for us to get Mindspring to pay
attemtion. How about going through the regs for creation of a newsgroup along
the lines of  Those wishing to vent their
frustration against the bot would have an open enviroment to vent all they
wanted to.  I'm sure Mindspring would rather not have that type of newsgroup
since it would be bad PR during their promotion blizt (atleast in FL).

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