TRADE: My Amiga stuff for PC stuff...

TRADE: My Amiga stuff for PC stuff...

Post by Mark Worde » Tue, 09 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I have the following Amiga stuff to sell/trade.  I have a Pentium system and
am looking for an SVGA monitor, 24-bit scanner, graphics card (S3 Virge /
4MB / Direct Draw), other items of interest?

Here's what I have to trade:

---  Hardware  ---
DKB 3128 w/ 0K RAM
EGS Spectrum graphics card

---  Software  ---
ADPro v2.5
VistaPro v3.0
PC-Task v3.0
Directory Opus v3.41
FinalCopy II
SoftClips (clipart, use with FinalCopy)
SoftFaces (fonts, use with FinalCopy)
Aminet 9 CD-ROM (software from Aminet)

E-mail me with offers.


1. WTD: Trade PC stuff for Amiga stuff?

Subject: WTD: PC stuff for Amiga stuff?
Date: Monday, November 15, 1999 2:29 AM

Hello. I have some PC stuff that I would like to trade for some Amiga stuff.
This is what I have

Diamond Monster II -3DFx II card
Banshee - VGA/3DFx II based card with 16Megs of Ram
Tyan Tsunami ATX Pentium II/III mother board(Intel BX chipset)
Intel Celeron 233Mhz(Can be overclocked to 450 without a problem)
2x Acer 32MB SDRAM DIMMs(These are rated at 66Mhz but run fine at 100Mhz)
Creative Labs DXR2 DVD Kit (Hardware MPEG2 decoder with tv output and
24xCD-Rom/2x DVD)
Yamaha SAx 16bit sound card with software XG wave table(Not a bad little
card. The soft wave table does sound good)
1gig  IDE Segate HD

I'm looking for a 10baseT Ethernet card and a DKB 3128(I think thats it) for
my Amiga 3000.


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