WANTED: Programming guides/library ref manuals

WANTED: Programming guides/library ref manuals

Post by MATTHEW D SCHMI » Thu, 13 May 1993 04:56:24

Hi everyone. I am now officialy desperate to get my hands on some form
of reference manual / programming guide that will detail how to get at
the library functions for intuition, etc. with the C language.

Now's your chance to pawn off those books you already know by heart ;)

reply via EMail to

thanks !  


WANTED: Programming guides/library ref manuals

Post by Moon Roa » Thu, 13 May 1993 15:39:53

Me too!  please at least recommend the best ones, especially AGA refs.


1. tech ref manuals wanted pref in UK

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Does anyone have / know where to obtain a copy of the A4000/A1200/ or even A600
technical reference manuals??

If anyone has one please email me, I've a couple of questions!!

Thanks, Tristan

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