CD-R systems for Amiga?

CD-R systems for Amiga?

Post by Jo » Sat, 10 Dec 1994 02:53:00

   What can anyone tell me about CD-R (Recordable Compact Disk) systems
on the Amiga - any hardware and/or software recomendations?  Anything to
avoid?  Features?  Sources?  Mass production from CD-R master services?

   Any help appreciated!


1. Choice of DevBox CPU xRe: CD-R/CD-RW recomendations for Amiga

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 > After having WWAAYY too much Diet Pepsi and not enough sleep Michael W.

 > wit

        [Snip of other wit and wisdom!]

 > I've been wondering why is the  so-called new amiga based on a AMD cpu ?
 > they could have used a G3 on a PGA zif card and off the self chips to
 > build a new ATX form factor motherboard - write a custom bios for it
 > and still use PC expansion cards - this could have outsourced to may
 > one of a dozen or more PC mobo Mfg - it seems to me it would make
 > better sence to use a Motorolla PPC CPU than a X86 chip running a
 > emulator under Linux

     The CPU for the new Amiga remains unchosen at last word from
McEwen.  Don't confuse the Amiga One with the Development Box which
indeed runs the Software Development Kit on top of Linux though
shortly there will be a SDK to be hosted on Windows.

        As to why they haven't chosen yet I would not venture to guess
but that every option gets cheaper the longer they wait.  As far as
PPC the development has lagged due to Apple's suppression of it's own
Mac clone licensing program.  X86 are cheap and widespread with prices
dropping every month on the AMD product.  And people have been running
the SDK on a wide variety of boxes including laptops.

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