Kronos SCSI Controller

Kronos SCSI Controller

Post by David Greenbe » Fri, 14 Jun 1991 00:46:43

        Anyone interrested in a C.LTD Kronos SCSI Controller ??? I am thinking
about selling mine....It is in great condition...and works fine..
(Just not with my Cipher Tape Drive!)



1. Anybody heard of KRONOS SCSI Controller ?

I've just bought a used Kronos scsi controller for my A2000.
But the softwaredisk that was included in the package is totally out of
date. The software is optimized for kick 1.3, and it is REALLY tough to
work with due to VERY poorly programming.
I havent met anybody who ever heard of my controller so therefore I need
help badly !!! (The man that I bought it from didnt know jack-shit !!!)
So my questions are:

Anybody heard of 2.0 software for my Kronos ctrller?
Where can I buy such software ?
Could anybody give me a short description/evaluation of this ctrller ?
Have anybody from Denmark knowledge of a hardware/software shop where
they sell/have sold Kronos Ctrllere ?

Thanx in advance

Peter  :-)

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