WANTED: IBM/A2000 Keyboard ADAPTER, A2000 Keyboard, A1000 Periphs

WANTED: IBM/A2000 Keyboard ADAPTER, A2000 Keyboard, A1000 Periphs

Post by Bill Carbonel » Sun, 06 Oct 1991 06:54:35

Like the title says...

I'm looking for one of those devices that allows you to connect an IBM or
A2000 keyboard to an A1000, an A2000 keyboard (or an IBM keyboard, doesn't
matter much), and anything for the A1000 that might be out there at a good,
reasonable price (that includes everything short of ram expansion, unless
the price is very good)...

EMail replies, please, and thanks in advance...



1. wanted: (info for 4sale) Amiga to Mitsubishi Diamondscan monitor, & A2000 keyboard adapter for IBM keyboards


I have an old Mitshibishi Diamondscan monitor, the one with both 9pin
and 25 pin style connectors in the back, plus BNC connections for live
video input.

I need a cable that will connect my A2000 to this monitor, or
information on where to obtain one.  Also need some information on
settings & stuff.

My A2000 keyboard is bugging out, and I do not fancy spending $80 for
a new A2000 keyboard.  I'd like to purchase, or obtain info on where I
can purchase, an adapter that will let me connect IBM keyboards
(either AT or PS/2 style) to the Amiga 2000 keyboard port -- with
emulation for the Amiga keys, of course.

As an alternative, I could take apart my old A500 and transfer the
keyboard over via "guts swap" with the A2000 keyboard casing.
However, the connectors are different...

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