FS/T:Computer Stuff..trade for Powermac stuff...

FS/T:Computer Stuff..trade for Powermac stuff...

Post by RD » Sun, 10 Sep 2000 11:43:07

I will entertain trades of the following hardware for Powermac-7500
or Amiga items (see bottom)

I am in Tacoma, Wa and would prefer a local trade, if possible.  I have
listed prices, in case someone wants to buy any of it.

Amiga 2000HD---------------------------------$150 + $40 Shipping
  KS:1.3,1mb ChipRAM, A2091 SCSI, ECS, 1 Floppy
    Keyboard, Mouse

SGI Indy Workstation...............................$400 + $40 Shipping

     8bit Graphics, SCSI-2, Ethernet, Irix 6.0,
     InPerson/Iris Annotator, Iris Channel Adapter,
     MipsPro Power Fortran-77, No keybaord (uses PS/2)
     Will include a 13W3-HD15 monitor adapter.

Amiga-600HD.........................................$90 + $25 Shipping
   KS:2.05, 2mb ChipRAM, 500mb hard drive, Internal Floppy,
     Built in keyboard, mouse..Includes some software.

Sony VO-2850 3/4" Video edit deck-----------------Free  (pick up only)

14in CTX CT-3436 640x480 VGA monitor-----------Offer (pick up only)    
17in SGI Monitor (Sony GDM-17E11)--------------$150  (pick up only)
   (Will sell SGI monitor only after or with Indy)

I am looking for the following....

Mac stuff
G4 accelerator card for PowerMac-7500
DVD kit w/ hardware decoder for PCI (7500)
SCSI CD-RW drive
16mb or better Video card for 7500

Amiga stuff
Accelerator for A2000, A600 and A4000
Picasso-II or IV
Flicker fixer
3.1 ROM for A2000 and A600

Rob Depew


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  Just wanted to take a minute of your all's time to let you know that I
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