FORSALE: 1084 ("The Original") Amiga Monitor

FORSALE: 1084 ("The Original") Amiga Monitor

Post by Roy A Sutt » Sat, 21 Nov 1992 01:57:18

For sale: 1084 monitor with flicker master. This is one of the
original gems. Note: my work bench colors over the last three
years have been soft blue on black. Why do I mention this?
As a result, the monitor's color and clarity looks as it did
when it was new.

The flicker master does NOT eliminate screen flicker, however,
it does significantly reduce it! (In interlaced modes)

Why am I selling? Just purcased an A2024.

I would like to get $150 (you pay shipping).

If you responded to my previous post, please do so again. There
The messages were lost...

Roy Sutton
(409) 857-4387


FORSALE: 1084 ("The Original") Amiga Monitor

Post by Thomas VanNess Leavi » Sun, 29 Nov 1992 07:03:22

A 1084 (logic board resoldered by professional... no blackout problems!)

$150 + shipping, or local delivery to LA County.


15 -36
15 - 36 khz multi-sync (all Amigamode compatible).

Logic board fixed in January, CRT rebuilt to 95% of new.  $225 + shipping obo.

One must go.  



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Both systems work great and the 50 meg system has lots of software
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