Amiga/C=/Misc computer stuff forsale

Amiga/C=/Misc computer stuff forsale

Post by Michael Ha » Thu, 31 Oct 1996 04:00:00

I have the following available. Please make offer if interested.
Suggested value listed in paranthesis. Prices are negotiable. Buyer

Amiga 500, 1mb RAM(supra 512k card), 1.2 roms. PS original box and
manuals. WB1.3 ($60)

Amiga 1000,512k,1.3KS and WB  original box and manuals ($60)

Amiga 501 512k expander in original box ($15)

Amiga A2088 8088 Bridgeboard with original box/manuals ($50)

Amiga A2286 80286 Bridgeboard with original box/manuals ($75)

Amiga A2300 Genlock with box and original manual ($60)

Sony LDP 1000A Laser Disc in original box ($80)

Commodore 1084-D monitor original box ($100)

Commodore 1084 monitor original box.....has bad power switch, stuck in
on position. ($75)

Commodore 128 w PS and original box and manuals ($60)

Commodore 64 w PS and original box and manuals ($40)

Commodore 64 w PS, no box ($30)

Commodore 1541 brown model (I have 3) no box ($25 each)

Commodore 1541 beige model no box ($30)

Commodore 64 power supplies (I have 6) ($15 each)

Commodore MPS 1000 printer. is missing tractor feed, no box ($15)

DeskJet 500 printer original box/manuals ($65)

Citizen ProJet II printer original box/manuals ($75)
Michael Hall



Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.marketplace,,
Subject: Amiga 2000 for sale or trade for 486
Distribution: world
Organization: University of California; Santa Cruz

I have an Amiga 2000 for sale.  The machine is equipped as follows:

        5 MB RAM
        2 floppy drives
        65 MB HD installed
        45 MB HD separate (installation is about $30)
        *LOTS* of software, games and applications

The asking price is $700 p/p in the US.  If you live outside of the
US, I'll pay the standard US mail price, and you can pick up the
difference.  I'll also entertain any reasonable offers, including a
trade and cash for a 486 system.

This is a fine machine, but unfortunately necessity is forcing me
to get rid of it and buy a 486 (I know, I know, but I work for
Borland!  I can't afford a new machine unless I do this :^( ).

Anyway, if there are any details you'd like to know about this
machine, please write and ask.


\X/                                        The Potato-Salad-Eatin' Fool.

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