H/Ware Ref Manual Wanted .ZA

H/Ware Ref Manual Wanted .ZA

Post by Philip Manning 93-123 » Tue, 08 Mar 1994 14:45:08

I'm looking for a HardwareReference manual for cheaper than the shelf price.
I think that means second hand. :)
I'm also looking for a complete list of 68000 assembler mnemonics. A text
file, book, or recommendation of a good book, would be much appreciated.

Anybody who can help me out, please mail me or post here, whatevers
appropriate, thanks. Later...

Philip Manning -- Computer Science, Stellenbosch University, South Africa --


1. tech ref manuals wanted pref in UK

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Does anyone have / know where to obtain a copy of the A4000/A1200/ or even A600
technical reference manuals??

If anyone has one please email me, I've a couple of questions!!

Thanks, Tristan

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