FS: Amiga 1000 $250 CA Bay Area

FS: Amiga 1000 $250 CA Bay Area

Post by Steve Spr » Sat, 10 Dec 1994 10:58:58

For Sale: 250$, or best offer

        Amiga 1000, Monitor (also handles NTSC video)
        Mouse, keyboard, 2 joysticks
        1 Meg Ram (.5M chip, .5 fast)
        30 Meg Supra Hard Drive
        1200 baud modem, communication software
        6' Parallel printer cable for Amiga 1000's
        Kickstarts 1.1, 1.2, 1.3
        System manuals, books, magazines

Various software programs, including

        C Compiler, Aztec Manx C 3.0
        Deluxe Paint
        Pixmate image processing program
        Unix like public domain shell, utilities
        Adventure and action games
        Lots of good public domain programs and games around

This would make a great alternative to a video game machine,
to play on and learn programming and graphics.
Also makes a half decent video titler (Deluxe Paint, records direct to video)


1. FS: PVM-3230 ( Sony ) $100 (Ca Bay area Only)

SF bay area sales only ( I will not ship )

This 32" Industrial grade monitor is in very good
physical condition and has spent the last 10 years
as a living room TV.

It needs service:

The top part of the raster is a little bent and
the color saturation is a little too high
on some colors (sometimes). The Picture tube
is still in good condition. The composit imput has
narrow vertical  bars superimposed on the signal.
The SVideo input however is perfect...
All of thease I believe to be simple component
drift/ageing and probably easily fixed.

I dont want to fix it.
I replaced it with a 36" DTV.

Yours for $100. But--- You take must it away.

Victor Nowik
Cupertino Ca. 408-255-3630

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