FS: A3000, SCSI HDs, Sony CD player, more...

FS: A3000, SCSI HDs, Sony CD player, more...

Post by Carl Kuhn » Sat, 21 Dec 1996 04:00:00

The following items are for sale by way of auction style:
Please note all bids for items listed here are due by 12:01 AM (Eastern
N.America Standard Time) on January 8, 1997.

All items listed here are by way of private sale -- yes I have a lot of
things to sell.
Remember:  Do not post to me on UseNet.  Only e-mailed bids will be
accepted.  Updates to the current high bid will be posted when I see
fit, and I can sell any item(s) at any time I see fit to anybody I see

Remember to include what you are bidding for; how much you are bidding
(in Canadian dollars, preferably); where you live; your e-mail address;
and phone number.
    Thank you.
Computer Items:

Amiga 3000 with 1960 colour multiscan monitor.   Purchased Dec. 93

    2 mb Chip, 4 mb FAST ram
    71 meg HD, with 2.1 workbench running
    Includes several utilities, programs, such as Wordperfect,
Professional Page, and many more.
    Also included is between 100-200 disks containing just about
everything the Amiga can do.
    1960 Monitor -- Multiscan.  No speakers, but handles every screen
mode I have used.  No flicker!
    Minimum bid $400  Asking $800

SCSI Hard Drives
    Quantum 540 mb.  9 or 12 ms seek time.  Very fast.  Bought brand
    Minimum $100  Asking $175
    Maxtor 120 mb.  1.2meg/s transfer speed.  3 years old.
    Minimum $30 Asking $50
    Maxtor 540 mb.  Bought in Oct. 96.  Never hooked up, nor used.
    Minimum $100  Asking $175
    Sony 40 mb.  From an old Mac/Apple.  Doesn't spin up anymore.
    Minimum $cost for shipping  Asking $Take it off my hands

IDE Hard Drives
    2 Western Digital drives.  Never hooked up.  Originally purchased
thinking they were SCSIs.  Made in 89, 90.  
    Minimum $shipping  Asking $Come and pick it up if possible

Stereo Equipment
Car Stereo
    MEI SX420 4" round speakers.
    120 watt max. total output (60 each)
    2 way design, and top mount installation.
    Brand new.  Purchased in Dec. 96, but happy enough with the new 6x9s
I got
    Minimum $30  Asking $70

    MEI XM-8 8" Subwoofer tube. "Bass Xtender"
    150 watt max.
    30-1200 Hz response.
    Brand new, still in box.  Purchased in Dec. 96, but don't have space
in the trunk.
    Minimum $30  Asking $70

    Home Stereo
    Sony CDP-C325 5 disc CD player
    Purchased April 94.
    Includes remote, RCA cable to plug into receiver, etc.
    Program, shuffle, random modes.
    Never skipped works great
    Minimum $150  Asking $240

    Sony Mini System  MHC-1600
    Purchased in March 1993
    Tuner:    AM/FM stereo, and short-wave.  10 AM and short-wave
presets, and 20 FM
    Amp: Output to two speakers (included).  280 W maximum output.  Also
output to a
         mini-headphone jack.
    CD Section:    play modes of shuffle, program, and repeat.  Timed
fade for taping
    Tape Section:  features one side, continuous repeat, or two tape
continuous repeat. CD
                   synchronization, and high speed tape to tape dubbing.
    Includes additional inputs (Audio/Video, and DAT), and one RCA jack
output (DAT).
    The equalizer is electronic with five factory presets, and five user
definable presets.  Also
    is Simulated Surround Sound, and a bass booster   DBFB.
    The stereo also has a built-in clock, for sleep (shut down)
countdowns and to allow for timer starts.  The system is able to start
any task on timer mode (CD, tape, Tuner, and Tuner Record to tape).  As
well the timer has specified amount of time to be on (decided on timer
setup).  Up to 3 different timer settings can be put into memory.
Finally a wake up volume can be set on the stereo, so that when the
timer is started the stereo will go to the selected volume.
Remote: Includes controls for the EQ, power, volume, CD, Tuner presets,
Tape, and which input is being used (CD, tape, tuner, etc.).
Mix Mic with volume control, to allow for voice-over or mixing with
items from other
    input sources.
    Minumum $225  Asking $450