Problem with Commodore 1942

Problem with Commodore 1942

Post by Leslie Aylin » Mon, 25 Jun 2001 14:22:52

Quote:> Hi ,

> I use a Commodore 1942 with my A1200 , but this monitor now (its
> about
> 8 years old) has some serious problems :

> First , black lines appeared for some seconds in Overscan mode.This
> become
> worse.When I now use the Overscan mode , the monitor begins to smell
> strange.

> Second: After switching off, something happened and now theres only a
> bright area in the middle of the screen and the borders have different
> colors.

> The monitor still works , but I want to know if this can be
> repaired.Modern
> VGA monitors dont support 15Khz , so the 1942 is quite good for AGA

> ZR

The 1940/42 monitors are well known to have been pretty poorly assembled.

Turn the monitor off, and leave it unplugged for several minutes. There are
some pretty dangerous voltages floating around for a while immediately after
you switch it off.

Remove the swivel base, then the retaining screws. Put the monitor screen
down and slide the rear cover off. Be careful of the sound leads which
attach at the
front bottom left of the monitor when you pull the case off.

Examine the circuit board for and dry joints. Chances are you will find a
Examine the circuit board (enclosed in a metal case) that plugs on to the
back of the
picture tube. The soldering on that connector is notoriously bad. One
tell-tale sign
of this being a problem is that the heater elements in the tube don't come
on when
the monitor is switched on. The heaters in the tube should be visible when
you look
through the ventilation slits in the case from above normally.

Hope this helps.


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