Amiga Hardware & Misc Items - ForSale

Amiga Hardware & Misc Items - ForSale

Post by Stacey Brew » Sun, 01 Nov 1992 02:26:53

::: Amiga Hardware :::
Amiga 1000 Computer
512k Chip Ram
Standard Mouse
Internal Floppy Drive
KS 1.3 (disk) / WB 1.3 (disk)
Asking $150 or Best Reasonable Offer

Amiga 520 Adaptor
Asking $20

::: Misc :::
Sony D-10 Portable DiscMan
with AC Adaptor and 2 Battery Packs
LineOut is intermittent, but could be
repaired easily, headphone out works well.
Asking $100 or Best Reasonable Offer

Sony CCD-TR5 Camcorder Video Section
Color Video Section/ Audio Section Works
Audio/Video Outputs
- NO tape section -
Works well as video source for Digitizer
or even Security Camera
If you have a Sony Battery Pack it can
be used Portable as a Video Source.
This was rebuilt from two different Cameras
Asking $200 (As Is)

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        Stacey Brewer



1. FORSALE: Misc Amiga Hardware & Software

Mimentics Framebuffer, Zorro II 24 bit composite display board
 with real time capture option, $200

DKB MultiStart II for A2000 and rev 5 A500, $25

Qix game, new, never opened, $7

B.E.S.T. Business Management 2.0, $25

MicroFiche Filer (not Plus), $12

db-Man 2.02, $12

68030 CPU, PGA, 25mhz EC, $30

CMI Video interface for A2000, internal, RGB to Chroma, Luma,
 Color Composite, $40

Monitor switch box, 2 CPUs (D23 pin) -> 1 monitor (6 pin DIN), $40

Cable, Parallel for A1000, $10

A1020 5.25" external floppy disk drive for Amiga, $40

20 megabyte harddrive, WD XT IDE, for A590 or A2091, $40

Service manuals:
        C= MPS 1230 printer     $10
        C= 2300 genlock         $10

Ultima 5 for Atari ST (how'd this get in here?), new, unopened, $12

Prices DO NOT include shipping charges.

OFFERS and trades considered, looking for:

A500 case, Bridge 6.0, CDTV, '040 for A3000, 2065, 2024,
2024 Service Manual, Miracle Piano, Floptical, PhonePak,
Draw4D, Pro, or Aladdin, Scala, Gravis Mousestick,
IBM compatable laptop, MIDI interface, 1x4 SC ZIP RAM,
Helm, VR Studio, CanDo 2.x, ImageF/X, ShuffleBoard, X*Press, or ?

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