Amiga Software & Books, C-128, Misc. Hardware

Amiga Software & Books, C-128, Misc. Hardware

Post by Christopher A. Wo » Thu, 30 Sep 1993 11:23:41

I'm scaling back my involvement in the Amiga community and have
a bunch of stuff to unload...

                                 *** FOR SALE ***

                         Amiga Programming Documentation
                         Amiga Productivity & Game Software
                         PC & Unix Books
                         Commodore 128 Hardware

AMIGA SOFTWARE ==============================================================

  $165.00   SAS/C Development System 6.0
            - complete C compiler with all manuals and disks (no box though)
            - everything in like-new condition
            - most recently released version
            - will provide serial numbers needed to receive support

   $45.00   CygnusEd Professional 3.5
            - great programmer's and general purpose text editor
            - latest version
            - from ASDG
            - all original manuals and disks
            - will provide serial numbers needed to transfer support

   $40.00   Directory Opus 4.0
            - excellent customizable, programmable directory utility
            - from INOVAtronics
            - all original packaging, documentation and disks
            - BLANK registration card

   $30.00   WShell 2.0
            - vey powerful AmigaDOS shell replacement
            - from Wishful Thinking Development Corp.  (Bill Hawes)
            - original manual and docs, blank registration card

   $14.00   AmiBack 1.02
            - good back-up program with support for floppies or SCSI tape
            - original manuals, disk and packaging
            - from MoonLighter Software Development
            - BLANK registration card
            - please note this is NOT the current version of this program
              anymore - v2.0 has been out for a while now.

   $14.00   ReSource 4.0
            - intelligent disassembler
            - original manual, disks and packaging
            - this is a rather old version of this program (comes with
              offset files for OS v1.3)
            - I don't have a registration card or any record of registering

   $10.00   Vektor Storm action game
            - very similar to the arcade game Tempest
            - works fine on accelerated machines, OS friendly
            - original packaging and docs (1 tiny sheet :-)
            - BLANK registration card

   Purchase any of the above and get one of the below software items FREE
   (first come, first serve, no guarantees on any of these free items)

    $FREE   C-Net Amiga Version 1.0
            - ancient version of the C-Net BBS system
            - manual and disk

    $FREE   Empire strategy game
            - excellent multi-player strategy game from interstel
            - unfortunately it is key-word protected and I lost the manual
              (I do have original disks and packaging though)
            - if anyone can make use of this I will take any offer on it

    $FREE   GOMF 3.0
            - guru trapping software (no hardware) for 1.3 OS

AMIGA PROGRAMMING DOCUMENTATION  ============================================

   $75.00   Complete Set of 5 Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manuals, 3rd ed.

   $15.00   Amiga Hardware Reference Manual, 3rd ed.
   $12.00   Amiga User Interface Style Guide, 3rd ed.
   $20.00   Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manual: Libraries, 3rd ed.
   $15.00   Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manual: Devices, 3rd ed.
   $20.00   Amiga ROM Kernel Reference Manual: Includes & Autodocs, 3rd ed.
            - official programming documentation from Commodore
            - published by Addison Wesley
            - all are Third Edition (grey cover, pertain to AmigaOS 2.04)
            - all books are in used but good condition

PC AND UNIX BOOKS ===========================================================

    $5.00   Unix In a Nutshell for BSD 4.3
            (O'Reilly & Associates, softcover, like-new condition)

    $5.00   A User Guide to the Unix System, 2nd Edition
            (McGraw Hill, Thomas & Yates, softcover, 716p, excellent cond.)

    $5.00   Programming in C++
            (Prentiuce Hall, Dewhurst & Stark, softcover, 232pp, ex. cond.)

    $4.00   High Performance Interactive Graphics: Modelling, Rendering,
               and Animating for IBM PCs and Compatibles
            (TAB, Adams, softcover, 403p, ok condition)

    $3.00   C Programming Guide, 3rd Edition
            (QUE, Purdum, softcover, 456p, ok condition)

MISC. HARDWARE ==============================================================

   $45.00   Commodore 128 Computer system
            - good condition, works fine, clean
            - original packaging, documentation and software
            - free software:  GEOS 128 OS, Trinity text adventure, Basic 8,
                              Sylvia Porter's Personal Financial Planner
            - free hardware:  G-Wiz printer interface,
                              CardPrint+G printer interface
            - free misc.:     vinyl dust-cover, blank keyboard overlays

   $??.??   Agiler serial mouse for PCs
            - model AGM-210E
            - 3 buttons
            - optomechanical design, 290 DPI resolution
            - make an offer

   $??.??   74F08N ICs (Quantity 23)
            - F series parts, never used
            - make an offer

TERMS =======================================================================

   Make an offer if you don't like the quoted prices.  I'm willing to
      negotiate especially if you are interested in multiple items!

   All prices above do NOT include shipping or COD charges.

   Pre-paid or COD orders only.

   Net references available upon request.

   All items (except where noted and except for "free" items) guaranteed
      to be in working condition.

      try calling 607-277-8766.





1. C-128 & C-64 BLOWOUT!

Selling the following; C-128 (with original manuals and system disks
including CP/M), C-64 (with 2 power supplies, original manuals, cables,
and in original box), 1571 disk drive, 1541-II disk drive, and CBM 300 bps
modem (new in original box with software and manual), and various software
including games, compilers, assembler, etc.  All equipment in MINT

$80 TAKES ALL !  Email for ordering or offers.

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