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Post by Maxwell Daym » Sun, 15 Jan 1995 09:45:57

: : Oh yeah, good luck putting a lousy 68030/50 running at 10> MIPS up
: : against a 40 MIPS RISC. And while some may claim that while comparing
: : RISC against CISC, MIPS rating doesn't matter as much. Well, it's still
: : 4x faster, so I'm sure it's at least twice as fast overall.

: MIPS - Meaningless Indicator of Processor Speed.  The only time MIPS

:-D  Great!  It's amazing people think they you could glean ANY useful
information from a MIPS rating across not only two different processors,
but type different DESIGN philosophies of processor!

The chip could be half as fast to three times are fast in real-world
apps. There's no basis for even a GUESS without further information and
knowledge of the application in question.

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