Help Spawning a Subprocess with Modula-2

Help Spawning a Subprocess with Modula-2

Post by Reiner B. N » Fri, 15 Jan 1993 22:51:12


can anybody tell me how to create a subprocess with Modula-2
(implementation: M2Amiga from A+L)?

Thanks in advance

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Intel outside ...
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1. Spawning a subprocess

Does anyone have any nifty code that shows how to spawn a subprocess that
executes independantly of the parent code?  I have tried CreateTask using
Aztec C 5.2a, and the task that I create doesn't seem to work correctly
with AmigaDos calls such as Execute or even printf.  I am using a 3 meg
A500 w/ 2.0.  I have the source code that I am using if anyone is
interested in seeing it.  Oh, and yes I am using geta4(); in the created
task if that makes a difference...


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