trumpcard classic in A4000 ?!?

trumpcard classic in A4000 ?!?

Post by Thomas W?lt » Sat, 13 Jan 1996 04:00:00

A friend of mine has an old Trumpcard SCSI Controller from an A2000 left.
Now before buying it for a few cents and doing all the installation

I'd like to know if this thing still works in an A4000/40.

Please reply via e-mail and tell me about the hardware (HD? CD-ROM?)
you're using (or not...) with it.

I appreciate your help very much - thank you



1. External Connector of Trumpcard classic?

I've had similar probs, yes the cable is straight thru ignoreing pin 26.
My data prob was solved with a new CIA-A, the irq was locked up somehow.
I am running an NEC CDROM 25bj on a classic, rev 4.9 roms. No earlier roms
will work according to AsimWare. Length of cables isn't nearly as important
as the quality of the terms used. I've seen, and had to cut and paste to
turn them around in the circuit because some factory artist figured the
330 end of them went to the supply rail! That only gets ya about 2 volts
of pullup. Needs 3, so hook or plug them such that the 330 is on the rail,
and the 220 in pointed to ground.
Cheers, Gene

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