FS: Amiga 3000, Loaded!

FS: Amiga 3000, Loaded!

Post by Dale Framel » Sun, 07 Jun 1998 04:00:00

For Sale:

   An Amiga 3000.  This system has a 25Mhz CPU, 4 MB Fast and 2MB Chip RAM.
 It has the lastest revision DMAC, Ramsey, Western Digital and Super Buster
chips installed (4, 7, 8 & 11) and includes Workbench v3.1.  This system has
a very nearly 'new' 1.76MB Hi-Density floppy, a 200+ watt Bigfoot Power
and a 4.3GB hard drive (Seagate Barracuda).  Of course mouse and keyboard
(both nearly new) are included.  $450 + postage.  If interested, please call
me at 512-444-5969 (6PM~10PM CST) or contact me via e-mail at:




Amiga 3000 for sale, this unit is LOADED!!!
*68030 processor
*8 megs fast RAM + 1 meg RAM
*2 SCSI Hard drives, 665 megs total (540 + 125)
*Dataflyer card for SCSI or IDE devices
*7 port serial card
*Amiga or VGA ports
*AD1012 Video Transfer Card
*500 megs of software including BBS software, MIDI, Digitizing software,
 2 IBM emulators, and more.

This system was set up as a BBS and is ready to go again...Still has BBS
software and tons of programs. Prce is $650 OBO, plus shipping.

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